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            Using CK Editor

            Most of the longer content zones in the site support Rich Text, and the editing tool used is CK Editor. CK Editor will allow for a high level of customisation of text content for widgets that contain the editor. A good example of this is “Content Bar (Full Width)”. Some basic commands are described below, however to view the extensive online user guides please click here.

            Paste from Existing Document  

            CK Editor will allow you to paste in content you have already created from a text file or a word document via the Paste icons in the top row of the ribbon.  This will keep the existing formatting you have applied in the previous document, for instance in a word document if you have applied headings, lists, hyperlinks and other general formatting – this should copy across into CK Editor.

            Text Styling

            The editor allows for normal text styling to be applied like Font, Size, Bold, Underline, Italic, Colour, Background Colour and paragraphing as per a normal text editing client like word or email clients.

            Text Layout    

            The layout of the text can be managed in much the same way as other rich text editing tools like Word or email clients. It allows for text indentation, block quotes (indent & italic) and horizontal dividing lines.

            Rich Text  

            CK Editor supports a large variety of rich text options and for a full understanding please visit the link below and view the online tutorials. The basic rich text components that you will likely want to incorporate include;

            • Links, emails and anchors
            • Lists (bulleted or numbered)
            • Tables of data
            • Special Character insertion

            CK Editor also supports useful tools like a spell checker, to proof your work prior to publishing.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2016 06:54 AM
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