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            Using in app barcode scanner to order items

            To order items in Inzant Tradeshow via the in app barcode scanner first you must select the device camera in the settings. 

            1. Select 'Settings' 
            2. Select 'Setup Barcode Mapping' 
            3. Select 'Device Camera'
            4. Select 'Save'
            5. Select 'Save and Process Changes'

            To start your order: 

            1. Select 'New Order'
            2. Select your retailer. You can do this by using the search bar, scrolling through the list, touching the 'Plus' Icon to add a new customer manually or by touching the Barcode icon to scan a barcode on a trade show name tag to add a new customer. 
            3. Touch 'Start Order'
            4. Touch 'Add Items'

            When you touch the 'Add items' you will see the product filters first touch the Apply Filter to show you your full products list. 

            1. Touch the barcode icon 
            2. Hold the device above the barcode so you can see it in the square on screen
            3. The device will scan the barcode and bring you back to the full products list highlighting the product you scanned 
            4 Touch the quantity to add this product to your order, insert your quantity in the key pad and press done 

            To review your order press review this will take you back to the order review screen which will show you which products you have ordered, the quantities, price, total price for the order and customer name. To upload your order press upload  or to store the order on your device to upload at the end of the day press pause this will bring you back to the main screen and store the order in 'Paused Orders' until you are ready to upload it. 

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