Adding and Editing Products using the Management Portal

Adding and Editing Products using the Management Portal

This guide provides information on Adding & Editing Products in the Inzant Sales Management Portal. 

Firstly you'll need to be logged into the Inzant Sales management / admin portal.

Adding a Product

The quickest way to Add a new Product is to use the Actions menu
  1. Click the Actions Button
  2. Click Add Product
A new product may also be created from the Product Search screen.
  1. Note: If you are wishing to create a Master/Variation product, you will need to do this from the Product Search screen
Please see the following guide on how to add Products from the product Search screen

This will create a new Individual Product and open the Product Detail screen.

Editing a Product

This screen contains all the configuration details for the Product. The information is displayed on a number of Tabs that group like information together.

The top section of the screen, contains the Name and Manufacturer Code fields and Buttons to Deactivate or Reactivate the Product depending on its current state.
The Not For Export setting is also provided, this setting will exclude a product from being exported on an order 

A thumbnail image is also displayed. to see a full sized image
  1. Click on the Thumbnail Image

The information Tabs are below this 

General Tab 

The General Tab contains the basic information for a product.
  1. Buttons are provided to allow the Product Category and Brands to be selected for a product
  2. Text entry and switch fields are also provided to allow you configure the Product.
  3. The description can be up to 1000 characters long
  4. The Link Number field is related to match products with external systems when automatically imported.

To Select the Brand you can click on the zone and it will provide you with a list to select from
To create a  new Brand,
  1. Click he Edit button
This will present the Brand Edit popover where you can add new or modify existing Brands and select a Brand.

To Select the Product Category you can click on the Select Button.

This will present the Category Selector popover 
  1. Click on the desired Category
  2. Click the Update button
You can also set an alternate product Category if your system is enabled for this.

Inventory Tab

The Inventory Tab groups together fields associated with stocking and ordering.
There are five custom fields available on this screen to allow customisation on a system by system basis.

Pricing Tab

The Pricing Tab allows the configuration of the wholesale sell price for different Price list (Levels).
As the Inzant System supports the agency selling model, you can configure price lists for different supplied and assign products  to the correct suppliers Price List here

To setup a Product on a Price List,
  1. Turn on the switch for the Price List,
  2. You will need to add a Product Code and Price for activated Price Lists.
To Remove a Product From a Price List
  1. Turn off the switch for the Price List
When you select a Price List row in the list, the Discounts will be shown in the Discount list.
Discounts can be time dependent, and set to start and/or finish on designated dates.

To add a Discount for a Pricelist
  1. Click on the Pricelist in the list
  2. Click the Add Button
  3. Complete the details for the new Discount in the list
To remove a discount
  1. Click on the Pricelist in the list
  2. Click on the Discount row to remove
  3. Click the Delete Button
Note: for these changes to be made permanent, the Product must be saved.

Media Tab

The Media Tab allows you to assign Images, PDF Attachments and links to Video contact to the product.
A thumbnail image is provided in the Image column. To see a full size image
  1. Click the thumbnail
The primary image is always set to display on the website and iPad, however additional images can have the visibility set manually.
To Select, Remove or Upload new Images , buttons are provided in the Actions column

To Select or Upload an Image
  1. Click the Select / Upload Button
This will display the Media Select popover 
  1. If you have configured Folders for the storage of Media, you cam select the correct folder
  2. If you wish to select an existing Image there is also a Search box, enter the image name and the matching images will be shown in the list
  1. Click the Upload button if you need to upload a new media file.
    1. A file selector will be presented so you can select the file to upload
  2. Click the View button to display the media file
  3. Click the Select button to Select the media file
Note: for these changes to be made permanent, the Product must be saved.

There is a similar Zone to select PDF Attachment files for the Product

The Product can also have a video linked to it.
  1. To add a video, you will need to have it available on a platform such as You Tube or Vimeo.
  2. Generate an embed code from the video hosting platform and paste it into the Video Embed zone.
  3. Once you have inserted the embed code you can test the operation using the Preview Popup or Preview Window buttons

Custom Fields Tab

The system contains a number of Custom fields that may be enabled  and named on a system by system basis. These fields include Text based fields and Boolean (true/false) type fields. 
You will only see enabled fields on this Tab.

Website Tab

If you have an Inzant Order Portal or Inzant Full Website available on your system you will mange the website specific information from this Tab.
The top row of switches allow you to contact if a product is available on the website and whether if will use the default name, category and description or use website specific content.
If using Website Specific settings these are also entered on this tab.

If you have any other issues please see our other guides or contact support.

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