Users getting New iPads

Users getting New iPads

This is a quick guide on safely changing your device. 

Keep in mind before you decide to swap your device there are a few things needed so you do not loose your previous work. 
1. On the 'Old' device, then open Inzant Sales plus App, navigate the side bar on the information screen. Tap 'Orders not Uploaded' shown below. You will be able to view any orders that still need attention before deleting the existing app. 
NOTE: You must have all the Orders, Quotes and Future dated orders included,  'Complete and Uploaded' to the cloud BEFORE deleting the app. 

2. To Delete Inzant Sales plus app, navigate to the Inzant logo on the home screen of your device, hold the logo until the icons on your screen go into Editing mode (icons will be moving, tap the x in the top of the Inzant Logo.

3. The next step requires Management Portal Admin client permissions. Log into the Inzant Management portal, then navigate to the 'Users' tab.
Select the iPad user you would like to change devices, click the pencil under the Actions column.

4. In the User details screen, it will give you additional details of the user. Navigate across the tabs to 'Linked Devices', then click 'Delete Device'.

To link your subscription you will need your Username, Password and Subscriber code this can be obtained from your office management staff. 

For an article on help to reset your password follow this link Here. 

5. Go to the app store and search 'Inzant Sales Plus'. Download the "Inzant Sales Plus" App by touching the "GET" button. You will be asked to put in your apple ID password or fingerprint scan. Inzant does not store your apple ID password. After you have touched downloaded the app it will appear on your home screen with any other apps you have. 

6.Once you have downloaded the Inzant Sales open it up. When you open the app it will give you the option to either tap the Subscriber (Go straight to Step 9).  Alternatively tap Demo allowing you now practice and play along on the Inzant Demo system. When you are ready to link to your Inzant system follow the steps below.

7. Once the sync is complete, it will take a few minutes depending on the data currently stored with Inzant. You will see this screen notice if you are on the Inzant Demo System, to connect to your system touch the "Sync status" item in the menu. 

8. You will now see the "Sync Status" screen touch "link iPad to subscriber".

9. This screen will pop up, please input your username, subscriber code and password. You can get this information from your office staff or the Inzant support team. once you have done this touch "Join" the iPad will now sync all of your data once the sync is complete you will be able to use the system. 
If you have any issue completing this step contact your office staff or the support team to confirm your log in details are correct, the password IS case sensitive. 

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