StockCount Order Mode - Navigating the StockCount screen

StockCount Order Mode - Navigating the StockCount screen

The StockCount order mode in Inzant Sales Plus is a hybrid order mode, incorporating both the customers ordering history & a stock level based ordering method into the screen.

The first thing to understand is that this screen will only ever show items that the customer has ordered from your previously. If the customer hasn't ordered an item from you, it wont be on this screen. If you need a total list of items, then you'll want to navigate across to one of the other order modes, like Add Items or Campaigns.

This guide will primarily cover navigating around the screen and the different functions available. To see related guides on StockCount Order mode please view;
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You can reach the Stockcount Order mode from any other order mode or from the Order Review screen by tapping the StockCount Order icon in the top menu bar. Its icon is a clipboard with a pencil, and is the first order mode icon in the list.

The navigation of this screen is very similar to add items, all the product categories are available in the left sidebar zone, in addition to a product search (which searches on name & code). You can easily refine the list of items in the "work zone" (right side of the screen) by using either the categories or a product search.

The "Show Uncounted Only" switch will modify the search results to exclude items you've done a stock count on, so if you have this enabled but would like to view all items again, then simply turn off the setting by tapping the switch.

This order mode can be used to do stock level re-ordering based on set "levels" of items, or it can simply be used to order as usual (keying in a qty), but with the customers previous order history close at hand. If opting for the latter, then a nifty feature to be aware of is that the "Level" column can be replaced by the "Bonus" column, simply by tapping it and selecting "bonus". If you provide bonus items, it means you wont need to exit this order mode to key them in.

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