Task History Search Screen

Task History Search Screen

This article describes how to use this screen to filter and view task history. 

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Accessing the Task History Screen

  1. To access Task History touch the 'Quick Links' drop down menu in the top left of the screen. 

  1. Touch 'Task History' in the drop down menu.

You will now be able to view the Task History.

Task History Search Screen - Filtering

Filters are provided for Task specific and Retailer Specific purposes. All the filters are cumulative so it is possible to "zero" in on the reporting requirements you may have.

Task Specific Filtering 

The top row of filters relate to Task Specific filters, the Category Zone is replaced with a date selection.
There are a number of preset date selectors and also the option to set a custom date range.
  1. To apply a date filter touch on the Task filter selector 'All Dates'.  
This drop down menu will appear giving you date range options.

Filter options related to Task Specific fields can be set using the Filter zone
  1. Touch on the 'Filter: All' selector.
This drop down menu will appear giving options to filter Task fields, touching the field will display the options.

The Sort field allows the Order listing to be sorted a variety of ways. 
  1. Touch 'Sort' to view the order in which you would like the list shown by. 

Retailer Specific Filtering 

The Retailer Specific selections operate similar to the Retailer Search Screen with one difference.
The Search Icon raises the Retailer Selector Popover where you can select an individual Retailer to report on.

This article describes the Retailer Filter Fields in much more detail. (Retailer Search Screen)

Touch 'Filter:All' to set retailer filters

Viewing the Task Details

After you have filtered as far as you require, you may open the Task to view in further detail. 
  1. Touch the Information Icon or Blue Link Field to view the actual Task Information.

Now you will be able to view the selected task in more detail.

A Total Count of filtered tasks is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

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