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            Common MYOB Error Codes

            We've compiled a list of the more common errors you'll see when syncing orders into MYOB using the EDI Client below, with a suggested action for each error as well.

            Appropriate Action
            Product Not Found
            This essentially means that the product in Inzant cannot find a matching product in MYOB.
            Check to make sure the Product Supplier code for this item (on supplier tab on product details screen) matches the product code in MYOB.
            Product is Inactive
            This means the item in MYOB is inactive. 
            You can either reactivate the item in MYOB and then rerun the EDI sync, or you can set the "Not for Export" flag to be ON for the item in Inzant and then rerun the sync. 
            Product Not for Export
            This means the product "Not for Export" flag is ON.
            This flag will always exclude this item from being exported into MYOB - if this is not desirable then open the product and set the flag to be OFF. 

            Note: if you wish to resubmit an order because essential items were excluded whilst set Not for Export, you can resubmit the purchase order (guide on this here), and then rerun the sync. Don't forget to delete the initial, incorrect order in MYOB.

            Retailer Errors
            Appropriate Action
            Retailer Not Found
            This essentially means that the Retailer in Inzant cannot find a matching customer card in MYOB.
            Check to make sure the Retailer Name / Account Number matches the Customer Name / CardID in MYOB.

            Note: you only need to make sure the linking method you are using is 100% correct (so name = name OR accountnumber = card id, not both).

            Note that if a Retailer is created in MYOB and a corresponding customer in MYOB hasnt been created yet - this error will be shown.

            You can see examples of the above errors and how they look in the below screenshot.

            As always, if you have any trouble please don't hesitate to contact support.
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