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            Creating a new MYOB AccountRight integration in Inzant Sales

            To create a new MYOB AccountRight Integration in Inzant Sales you'll first need to navigate to the Integration screen. Do this by clicking "Integration" in the sidebar menu.

            Now click on the "New Integration" button in the top right corner of the screen;

            Click on the "Get Started with MYOB AccountRight" link in the MYOB AccountRight tile.

            Enter an Integration Name and then click "Save & Connect".

            A MYOB login popup will appear, login with your my.myob details (not your company file login details). If this is the first time Inzant is connecting to your MYOB file, it will ask you if you want Inzant to access the file, please click allow.

            After this process is complete the popup window will close and you will now be able to configure the rest of the integration. The final components to ensuring Inzant and MYOB are correctly connected are;
            1. If you are using multiple company files, please select the correct company file from the "Company Name" dropdown.
            2. If your company file requires login details to access, please enter them in the Username and Password section. If your company file is configured to allow access without these details, leave them blank. Please make sure the user you pick has access to all the typical functions Inzant will need to access, i.e. products, customers, tax codes, employees, orders, invoices etc.
            3. Click the "Save" button in the top right corner of the screen.
            If you'd like to validate the connection was successful click the "Save & Test Connection" button below the Username & Password section. You can always do this at a later date by reopening the integration screen and clicking the "Test Connection" button. If the connection is unsuccessful your username and password combination is incorrect.

            You will now be able to start configuring the Import & Export settings for MYOB AccountRight. Here is a detailed guide on configuring your new Integration.

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