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            Detailed Setup of the Inzant Tradeshow App

            • If you already have the App installed, skip to the next step. If the App is not already installed, install the Inzant Tradeshow App from the App Store. When asked to connect to a system just select Demo, we will be overwriting this later once all the options are selected.

            • Once the Sync has completed, touch on "Settings"

            • You are able to connect to a maximum of 5 Inzant systems at once. The process is the same for each system. If you only need to connect to one system then connect to the top subscriber system only.

            • To connect to a system, touch on "Connect Subscriber"

            • Enter your subscriber and User details and touch on Join to connect to the Inzant System

            • If you wish to filter products by a Supplier, enter the suppliers name in the supplier section. If multiple suppliers are required, separate the names with a 'pipe' symbol, e.g. fast supplier|slow supplier     (You may need to speak to Inzant Support to determine the supplier specifier if not using the name).
            • Choose the Product Filter mode
              • All with default to the normal Product Category Tree
              • Featured will filter the list to products tagged as Featured
              • Campaign will display a list of Campaigns that are tagged with tradeshow in the description field.
            • Set the Images selector on if you would like product images downloaded to the App.

            • This completes the settings for the First subscriber. If you need to connect to multiple systems, complete the above process for the other subscribers. The list is scrollable and allows up to 5 different systems.

            • Once all subscribers are all setup, touch on Save and Process Settings. This will sync all systems sequentially.

            • If you would like to use barcode scanning, please check out help document that explains how to set this up.

            Updated: 03 May 2018 01:33 PM
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