Creating and Submitting a Quote

Creating and Submitting a Quote

This is a quick guide on creating a quote.
Touch 'New Order' on the left. 

The Retailer Selector pop-over will show. Use the search bar to search the Retailer by name. Alternatively touch 'Select' next to the chosen Retailer. 

You will now be able to view ALL products available. 
This view is the 'Basic List' view.  To change the way you view the products, touch 'Mode' in the top right of the screen.

You can choose to View the Product details in Five different viewing modes. Basic List, Detailed List, and Small, Medium and Large Image size.
For this article i have now chosen to explain how to order in 'Small Images' mode.

You can Search for a Product Name or Product Code by using the Search Icon.  
You can View Products in a designated Category.
You can Filter the Products by Types.
You can Sort the way the Products are viewed.

To ADD a Product touch the + Plus in the same window as the Product. 
Each touch on the +  will add another 1 of the product to the Order. 

Alternatively, touch into the Numeric field of the product and a popover will show.
You can now enter a number, press save and the desired amount will add to the order. 

Price Check:
When you have finished adding products, to view a Price Check on the ordered products, touch the 'Total' in the bottom right of the screen.
When the Order Summary window pop-up appears, touch 'Price Check'. If you no longer wish to conduct a price check, touch cancel. 

Order Note: These Notes will be on the Order that is exported to your accounts package.
If you would like to add a Note to the order, before completing Touch 'Notes' in the bottom left of the screen.

Enter the Note you would like attached to this Quote.
When you have finished, touch 'Save'.
IMPORTANT: This Note will be shipped on the order details.

If you would like to leave a Journal Entry on the Retailer or the Interaction - not specific to Order Details, we advise using the Journal.
Journal Entries can be seen by the Rep and the Management, this is where we suggest you put notes on the Retailer.
Example; 'Jules is painting a home made canvas- Take interest' or Had a Baby Boy

When you have finished the Quote and are ready to Submit or save for later, touch the 'Summary' in the bottom of the screen.

You will now view the 'Order Summary' screen.
Touch in the Customer Ref field shown. Here you can type Reference Number or Name if desired. 

As you can see in the top right of the screen, the Order Status is currently set to 'Draft'.
Touch into this field to see the Order options now available. To save the Order on your iPad, change the Status to either 'Draft' or 'Quote', 

The Order Status drop down menu will be available with more Ordering Status options. 

Touch 'Finish Order' on the left of the screen.

If the Order is in a Draft State you will view this Pop-up asking you to edit the Mode of the order. 
Touch Leave as Draft, Change to Submitted or Cancel.

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