Creating a New Order

Creating a New Order

This guide describes how to quickly get started with ordering using the Inzant Sales App.

The App has a number of different ways of completing orders however we will just focus on the quickest way to order items in this Article. We will provide links to the other modes when we come to them.

Starting An Order

There are two ways you can start an order from the Home Screen. 
  1. Option 1: Touch 'Quick Links' in the top left of the Home Screen.

  1. In the Quick Links drop down, touch 'New Order'.

  1. Option 2: On the Home screen touch 'New Order'

The Retailer Selector pop-over will be displayed so you can select the customer the order is for.
To select the customer you can:
  1. Use the categories to filter the retailer
  2. Touch in the search zone and type in the account number, suburb or name (partial text is accepted (i.e. dar will find darwin)
Once you have found the retailer for the order, touch on Select.

This will open a blank order for the retailer.

Order Modes

Normally you will be in Add Items mode and can start adding items to the order.
Tip: If you have selected a different default order mode, then the order will start in that mode. You can change this if you prefer.

Touch the Information icon on the Product or alternatively the Blue Product Link to open the Product Details information screen.

Here you can view the product Images, Monthly sales and more info regarding the Product.

Touch and Hold on the Information Icon to show the Product details 

At this time if you would like to change to a different mode you can. This allows you to change to displaying the Products will more detail or as Images or use presenters and campaigns. 
  1. To change the way you view the products, touch 'Mode'

This will display the Order Mode selector, the modes are grouped into different types

  1. Add Items

Add items allows to to filter the products shown using the product categories and available filters. You can also change the sort order of products.
The different modes in this group allow you to display brief information, detailed information or display as Images in small, medium or large format.
For more information, see this article (Order Modes - Add Items Explained)
  1. Replenishment

Stock count modes allow you a view of only the products that a customer has previously ordered. It also allows you to setup a recommended stocking level, where you can simply count the stock and the App will automatically order the correct quantity.
For more information see this article (Order Modes - Replenishment Modes Explained)
  1. Presenters and Specials

Presenters allow you to use special product lists and associated PDF documents in the sales process to assist with sales campaigns. These need to be setup by your office staff.
For more information see this article (Order Modes - Presenters and Specials Explained)

To change the products listed, you can touch on the Category and filter zones.
This will present popover to allow you to filter the products shown

The Sort order of products can be changed but touching the Sort Zone as well.

For a more detailed description of how out product filtering works here is a guide on Product Search Overview .

Adding Items to an Order

The image below shows an example of the Small Images mode.
  1. Touch the + Plus icon to add the product to the order.
Each touch on the +  will add another 1 of the product to the Order. 

  1. Alternatively, touch into the Numeric field of the product and a popover will show.
You can now enter a number, press save and the desired amount will add to the order. 

Completing an Order

Price Check:
When you have finished adding products, to view a Price Check on the ordered products, touch the 'Total' in the bottom right of the screen.
When the Order Summary window pop-up appears, touch 'Price Check'. If you no longer wish to conduct a price check, touch cancel. 

  1. When you have finished adding Products to the order. touch the 'Summary' in the bottom of the screen.

You will now view the 'Order Summary' screen. This provides you with a listing of all products added to the order.
If you need to change quantities, you can edit them directly. You can also changet he order date and other information.
For more detail on the Order Summary screen you can see this article (Order Review screen)

Also if you need to add more items, just touch on Ordering to go back to Order mode.

Once you are happy the order is complete
  1. Touch 'Finish Order' on the left of the screen.

If the Order is in a Draft State you will view this Pop-up asking you to edit the Mode of the order. 
Touch Leave as Draft, Change to Submitted or Cancel. Draft will leave th eorder in an editable format and NOT process it.
Draft is useful if you need to make changes before submitting the order
  1. To submit the order for processing, touch Change to Submitted

The order will now Upload to the Cloud. 

When the upload is complete you are done.


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